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2007 First Alarm News Archive

Accident on the Philipsburg-Bigler Highway
Thursday, November 1, 2007 24:00 Hours
Article by Chad Baughman
At midnight Hope Fire Company was alerted for a vehicle accident with reported entrapment near the 3500 of the Block Philipsburg-Bigler Highway. Rescue 1118 responded with a crew of 6. While en route, Centre County advised the Police were on the scene and confirmed one patient entrapped. Rescue 1118 arrived on scene and found one vehicle overturned, with one male patient entrapped. The rescue crew went to work, stabilizing the vehicle and extricating the patient through the rear window. Engine 12 assisted with traffic control and assisted EMS. Units responding: Rescue 1118, Engine 1210, Utility 1122, Moshannon Valley EMS, and the Decatur Township Police.

Garage Fire in Chester Hill Borough
Thursday, November 1, 2007 19:12 Hours
Article by Chad Baughman
During the evening hours, Hope Fire Company was alerted to assist the Chester Hill Hose Company with a working garage fire located at 415 Decatur Street. Engine 1110 responded within minutes with a crew of 5. Chief 14 arrived on scene and confirmed a working fire with heavy fire showing, Chief 57 arrived moments later and assumed the role of Liaison Officer and established Centre Command. Chief 14 advised to have Engine 11 hit the hydrant on Ida and Walton Streets. Engine 11 laid 800 feet of 5 inch and proceeded to get to work with two 1-3/4” attack lines. The engine crew had a quick knockdown as Engine 14 and Truck 12 arrived on the scene. Engine 14 pulled an attack line to assist with overhaul and the crew from the truck assisted. Units due on the box included Clearfield Engines 14 and 22, Centre Engine 1110, Rescue 1118, Truck 1216, Quint 1227.

Rescue 11 Alerted to Transfer to Clearfield Station 5
Wednesday, July 18, 2007 6:39 Hours
Article by Chad Baughman
On Wednesday, July 18, 2007 Company 11 was alerted to transfer Rescue 11 to Lawrence Township Station 5 on Mill Road. Rescue 11 responded with 6, while responding Rescue 11 was dispatched to assist the Moshannon Valley EMS for an auto accident on the Philipsburg-Bigler Highway for traffic control. Once Rescue 11 cleared, they continued on the transfer to Mill Road. While entering in to Clearfield Borough Rescue 11 was contacted by EMA 1 to respond directly in to 201 Race Street at the scene of the Tractor Trailer in to multiple houses with entrapment. Once Rescue 11 arrived they were assigned to RIT duties. After an hour of RIT duties the crew was split into groups of 3 and were directed to continue RIT duties and relieve the extrication crews. After an extensive extrication the patient was extricated at 10:20 hours, 5 hours after initial dispatch. Units operating on scene: Clearfield Stations 5, 6, 7, 8, 1, 25, 74, 37, 36, 30 and Centre County Stations 11, 1, 5 and Jefferson County Stations 10, 6, 8.

Engine and Tanker 11 Alerted to Assist Clearfield Station 19
Tuesday, July 17, 2007 10:34 Hours
Article by Chad Baughman
On Tuesday, July 17, 2007 Company 11 was alerted to assist Grassflat Fire Company with a dwelling fire with possible entrapment. Engine and Tanker 11 responded with 8. As units from Clearfield and Centre counties were responding, Engine-Tanker 19 arrived with a working fire. Engine 11 arrived and laid 1050 feet of driveway line and Engine Rescue 17 laid an additional 500 feet of supply line to the tanker shuttle operations. Units operated on scene for over 3 hours. Reports of entrapment were unfounded. Companies responding were Clearfield County Stations 19, 18, 17, 15, 16, 6, 20 and Centre County Stations 11, 12, 17, 6.

Brush 11 Alerted to Assist Clearfield Station 19
Monday, July 9, 2007 1351 Hours
Article by Chad Baughman
On Monday, July 9, 2007, at 13:51 hours Centre County alerted Company 11 for Brush 11 to assist Clearfield Station 19 on a wild fire. Brush 11 went enroute at 13:53 hours with 3. Once Brush 11 arrived on scene their assignment consisted of extinguishing the left flank and assisting with mop up. Units responding on the box alarm were Clearfield Stations 19, 18, 20 and Centre 11. Crews cleared at 15:00 hours.

Mechanic Burned in Fire at Rider Ford
Thursday, June 28, 2007 11:30 Hours
Article by Chad Baughman
On June 28, 2007 Fire Box 14H was alerted for a building fire at 1001 Walton Street, at Rider Ford, bringing a mutual aid response from Company 11. Engine 11 was the first fire unit responding. While enroute, Centre County 911 advised EMS was on scene with a working fire in the mechanics work bay. Engine 11 picked up the hydrant at Hi-Way Pizza. 1103 arrived on scene with heavy smoke showing and a working vehicle fire inside the garage with extension into the building. Chief 11 established Walton street command and requested a second alarm. As additional units were arriving, command was transferred to Deputy 14 due to it being a 14 box. The fire was contained mainly to the work bay area with heavy smoke and moderate fire damage to the garage. No damage estimate is available. The State Police Fire Marshall was contacted to investigate. The fire occurred when a mechanic was working on a vehicle in the service department. A news release from state police said the gas tank fell from a jack and struck a light. When the light hit the floor, it broke and ignited gasoline fumes. The mechanic, Fred Ridgway, 59, of Philipsburg, was badly burned and was transported by ambulance to Altoona Hospital. Ridgway later was flown to a burn center in Pittsburgh, where his condition was listed as critical but stable. Units responding were Engines 11, 13, 14, 22, 23, 24 and Trucks 12, 22, 6 and Rescue 11 and Squad 23. Engine Rescue 24 transferred to Station 11 and Truck 6 transferred to Station 12.

Transfer Companies Get a Run
Thursday, June 28, 2007 12:00 Hours
Article by Chad Baughman
While the Philipsburg units were operating at the building fire at Rider Ford, Centre County Communications advised Chief 11 that there was a second call in Philipsburg for a building fire at 801 Presqueisle Street. This brought a response from Engines 12, 13, 22, 23, 24 and Trucks 12, 22, 6 and Rescue 11. Engine 23 arrived on scene with nothing showing from side A. Chief 23 established command, upon investigating crews from Engine 23 found a faulty smoke detector with no signs of smoke or fire. Chief 23 placed units available with the exception of Rescue 11. R11 checked for CO and found all was clear.

Building Fire in West Decatur
Wednesday, February 28, 2007 5:04 Hours
Article by Chad Baughman
Blue Ball School In the early morning hours of February 28, 2007 Fire box 57-51 was alerted for a reported dwelling fire at 3196 Old Erie Pike, Boggs Township, Clearfield County. Engine 11 went enroute at 05:04 hours with a crew of 7. While enroute Clearfield was alerting mutual aid departments advising the address was the old “Blue Ball School". Chief 57 confirmed this address with Clearfield and then advised Centre County to upgrade the box to a building fire. Chief 12 arrived on scene and advised dispatch for a working fire
with fire showing from side B of the structure. Chief 12 established Old Erie Pike command and had Engine 11 pick up the hydrant then proceed to side A. Once Engine 11 arrived the fire was self vented threw the roof on sides B and C. so the crew started advancing one 1¾” hand line to the second floor. While advancing the line, a bystander approached and said that he was unsure if everyone was out. Command advised all units that there may be entrapment in the burning apartment complex. While advancing the hand line to the second floor, primary searches were being done. Shortly thereafter, it was learned that the occupants were in a vehicle near the scene and all efforts were turned back to fire suppression. The interior crew found heavy fire on the second floor in the BC areas. The crew of 4 operating inside then spilt with Chief Baughman and FF Huber initiating an attack and FF Townsend and FF Cartwright proceeded back to the engine for a second attack line. While the second line was being deployed, FF Kessling and FF A. Baughman deployed a 2½” along with the high rise pack and proceed to the fire floor with the second 1¾”. As these lines were being taken into the structure the bell tower, located above the main entrance, and the roof began to collapse with Chief Baughman and FF Huber still on the second floor. Command advised dispatch to announce for an evacuation and that two firefighters were unaccounted for after the collapse. Centre County put out a Mayday transmission and the crew from Truck 12 was approaching the structure to search for the two missing firefighters. Just then both emerged from the front door unharmed. Command advised dispatch that PAR was obtained and all units were to go into defensive mode. Crews worked the fire for over 4 hours with no injuries, however the building sustained heavy fire and water damage. The Philipsburg Fire Department would like to thank all of the mutual aide companies that responded. All in all its just another day in Philipsburg.

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