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Brush 11-25
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Brush 11-25 is a 1986 Chevy 4X4-diesel pickup and is equipped with a 100 psi 60 gpm fire pump and a 175 gallon water tank. This unit carries a 150 feet of 1 ½ inch hose and a 100 foot booster reel. The cab is equipped with an 800 mhz and a 46 mhz radio system. This brush unit also carries a Gorman-Rupp portable pump with 15 feet of hard suction. Wild fire equipment carried also includes indian tanks, council rakes, brush hooks, single bit axes, combi-tools, bolt cutters, box lights, stokes basket, and an 18 inch Stihl chan saw. Brush 11-25 is designed for the mountainous terrain and thick brush of central Pennsylvania. This truck will not win any trophies at parades, but if blazing a new trail is required to battle a wild fire, then Brush 11-25 is the truck for the job.