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"Philipsburg's Bravest - Proud to Serve"
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Hope Company operates with one engine. This engine replaced a 1966 C-95 Mack. Engine 11-10 is a 1997 Seagrave and is powered by a Cummins diesel series N14 430 horsepower engine with an Allison automatic transmission. The cab is a Marauder, 6 man cab, with seating for eight firefighters. Five MSA self-contained breathing apparatus are readily available. The pump is a Waterous 2000 GPM 2 stage with a top mounted control panel and a 750 gallon booster tank. There are two permanently fixed telescoping 1500 watt quartz lights on the box. An Onan diesel generator supplies 7.5 KW of power for any number of tasks. The diesel generator and quartz lights can be operated from within the cab.

Engine 11-10, carries a large compliment of hose which consists of 1500 feet of 5 inch supply line (LDH), 500 feet of 3" hose, 300 feet of 2-1/2" hose, as well as 700 feet of 1-3/4" hose. Hand lines consist of two 1 3/4" speed lays, one 1-1/2" cross lay, one 2-1/2" cross lay, and a 1-1/2" trash line tipped with an Augustus Piercing Nozzle. Also on board are ground ladders, a 24' extension ladder, 14' roof ladder, and a 10' attic ladder. For the "big fire box" a stacked tip deck gun with a Task Force Tips Extenda-Gun rides atop the engine. An additional portable monitor is located on rear bumper deck. The cab is equipped with an 800 mhz radio system, a low band radio system, a cell phone, and a global positioning unit (GPS). On the top of the cab sits a stokes basket and backboard. Two 6' New York Roof Hooks, and two water extinguishers are mounted on the rear of the cab.

Street Side Compartments: The cat walk compartment is fully loaded with every thread adapter a pump operator could need. Various structural fire fighting and forcible entry tools are located in the high side compartments. In the front low side compartment, EMS and hazmat supplies are stored. The rear low side compartment contains a Honda positive pressure fan and an electric negative pressure fan. In the beaver tail compartment, brooms, shovels, and a Foam Pro Pak, are housed.

Curb Side Compartments: The cat walk compartment is stocked with road flares, caution tape, a Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitor, and a Hot Spotter. The first compartment carries a Honda portable generator light, and other various adapters. The middle compartment contains the "Rabbit Tool" and a hose jacket. The third compartment consists of a Cutters Edge ventilation saw, and a Partner K-12 cutoff saw. Saw blades, fuel cans, and spare parts are also housed in the third compartment. In the beaver tail compartment is mounted a CO fire extinguisher, a dry chemical fire extinguisher, portable lighting, and electrical adapters.

This first due is "The Pride of the West Side"

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