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March 18, 2018 9:41 am EST
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Building Fire at Troy Hill
Tuesday, August 12, 2008 23:30 Hours
Article by Justin Butterworth
Late Tuesday night, residents on Troy Hill Road awoke to the sounds of an explosion at a large privately owned garage. Upon investigation, neighbors found the garage to be fully involved and called 911. Hope Fire Company was dispatched to assist Morris Township Fire Company shortly after 23:30 on the first alarm assignment just outside our first due. Engine 11-10 responded with a crew of seven within three minutes of initial dispatch and Tanker 11-19 responded just a short time later. Engine 11 was the first unit on scene and laid 100' of LDH supply line from the hard road to the scene. The crew immediately went to work pulling one 1 3/4" attack line. Chief 17 arrived on scene and established Troy Hill Command. The aluminum sided building had already partially collapsed and a defensive operation was in effect from the beginning. The Hope crews operated on scene for just under two hours until the box was placed available at 01:35 hours. Also assisting Morris Township and Hope Fire Companies were Reliance Fire Company of Philipsburg, Winburne Fire Company, and Wallaceton Fire Company. Grassflat and Houtzdale Fire Companies were cancelled enroute. The Pennsylvania State Police Fire Marshall and Morris Township Fire Company are investigating in efforts to determine a cause of the blaze.

Shed Fire at the Former Philipsburg Area Hospital
Thursday July 3, 2008 22:41 Hours
Article by Justin Butterworth
Chester Hill Fire Company and Morris Township Fire Company were alerted to assist the Philipsburg Fire Department with a Shed Fire at the former Philipsburg Area Hospital on Lochlomond Road. Fire Police were the first on scene reporting a small brush fire inside the coal shed on the hospital grounds. Once Chief 5700 arrived, command was established and the box was held to Engine 11-10 and Engine 12-10. The crew of four from Engine 11 made quick work of the small fire and was later assisted by the crew from Engine 12. Due to the suspicious conditions, PSP Philipsburg was contacted and made aware of the incident. The fire department operated on scene for approximately 30 minutes.

Dwelling Fire in the Borough
Monday, June 16, 2008 4:12 Hours
Article by Justin Butterworth
In the early morning hours of June 16th, Hope Fire Company was alerted for a structure fire, result of a lightning strike at 209 North Sixth Street. Upon his arrival, Chief 5700 confirmed a working fire in the laundry room of a 2-story single-family dwelling, and established Sixth Street Command. Engine 11-10 was first out with a crew of five and arrived on scene shortly after 5700. Command advised 11-10 to access off of Pine Street, stop in front of the structure and hand jack LDH to the hydrant approximately 75 feet away. A crew of three entered the structure on side D with an 1 attack line and quickly located the fire room. Truck 12-16 then arrived and began horizontal ventilation. The fire was contained to the laundry room thanks to the quick knock of the engine crew, and assistance with ventilation, salvage and overhaul from the truck crew. Units operated on scene for just under two hours. Operating on scene were Engine 11-10, Engine 12-10, Truck 12-16, Clearfield Engine 14, Squad 23. Medic 23 was also standing by on scene. There were no injuries, and the house was insured.

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