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Heavy Rescue 11-18 is a 1994 International 4900 Series with a four-door cab and a Hackney roll-up door body. The unit was custom built and delivered in 1994. It features a 25 KW PTO driven generator, which powers two 1500 watt telescoping scene lights and two dual 500 watt tripod lights mounted on the rear. Vehicle extrications are performed with the Hurst Rescue System consisting of three power units, two hydraulic hot reels, two "Jaws of Life" spreaders, two cutters, a maverick combo tool, and five rams. Chain compartments and a Warn winch mounted on the front bumper provide another option for extrication. The cab is equipped with three MSA self-contained breathing apparatus, an 800 mhz radio system, a 46 mhz radio system, a UHF Med radio system, and a cell phone.

Road Side Compartments: RS Compartment No. 1 contains an ML-32 Hurst "Jaws of Life" spreader and is connected to 100 foot hydraulic hot reel which is powered by a 4 cycle gas power unit. The power unit can easily be disconnected and moved for extrications that hot reels cannot reach. A set of JL-20C and JL-60C Rams, a JL-150 cutter are also housed in this compartment along with multi-tool manifold block and extension hoses. A Maxi-Force high pressure air bag system, a 10 ton porta-power set, hydraulic lift jacks, air tools, GlassMaster, bolt cutters, and salvage tarps are also housed.

RS Compartment No. 2 is known as the "cribbing compartment". A 200 foot air hot reel sits atop the compartment while 2" x 4" and 4" x 4" cribbing with webbed handles, various size wedges, and eight step blocks fill the remaining space.

RS Compartment No. 3 is known as the "center compartment" and can be accessed from either the road side or curbside. Items stored are small hand tools including SAE and metric socket and wrench sets, screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, hack saws. A 4 ton porta-power set, pry bars, two stokes baskets, backboards, water rescue gear, spare air bottles, fire extinguishers, and an attic ladder are also accessed in this compartment.

RS Compartment No. 4 contains EMS supplies and repelling gear. Also housed are forcible entry tools including sledge hammers, halagan bars, axes, and a chainsaw. Mounted on a slide out board are various fire fighting hooks, overhaul tools, shovels, and brooms.

Curb Side Compartments: CS Compartment No. 1 is known as the "generator compartment" and houses a 25 KW generator and power distribution center. Also housed are rechargeable hand lights, portable 500 watt quartz lighting, and electrical adapters. A sawz-all is pre-connected to a 50-foot electric hot reel. Rehab supplies are also stored including bottled water and disposable cups. Road flares and safety vests are also stored.

CS Compartment No. 2 is known as the "hurst compartment". A ML-16S Maverick Combo-Tool is pre-connected to a 100 foot hydraulic hot reel and is powered by a permanently mounted electric power unit. A slide out tray gives access to addition Hurst rescue tools consisting of a JL-32B "Jaws of Life" spreader, a JL-150 Cutter, and a JL-20C, a JL-30C, and JL-60C ram. A portable 2-cycle power unit is also housed and can be easily removed for extrications that hot reels cannot reach. Also located in this compartment is multi-tool manifold block, hydraulic extension hoses, tip sets, and spare parts and supplies for the Hurst Hydraulic Rescue Systems. A 200 foot electric reel mounted at the top completes the compartment.

CS Compartment No. 3 contains a 25-gallon air compressor, a high-rise hose pack, and traffic cones. Ventilation equipment can also be found including a positive pressure fan and an electric ventilation fan. 4" x 6" x 8' cribbing can also be accessed.

CS Compartment No. 4 is known as the "haz-mat compartment" and is filled to capacity with absorbent pads, absorbent pigs, absorbent booms, oil dry, disposal bags, and foam.

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