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"Philipsburg's Bravest - Proud to Serve"
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Centre County Station Listings

Company 1Bellefonte (Logans)Company 16Walker Township
Company 2Bellefonte (Undines)Company 17Pine Glen
Company 3BoalsburgCompany 18Millheim
Company 4Centre HallCompany 19Miles Township
Company 5State College (Alpha)Company 20Penn State EMS
Company 6Snow ShoeCompany 21-------none------
Company 7Gregg TownshipCompany 22-------none------
Company 8Pleasant GapCompany 23Philipsburg EMS
Company 9MilesburgCompany 24CCH ALS Medic 24
Company 10------none------Company 25State College EMS (Alpha)
Company 11Philipsburg (Hope)Company 26Bellefonte EMS
Company 12Philipsburg (Reliance)Company 27Port Maltilda EMS
Company 13Sandy RidgeCompany 28Penns Valley EMS
Company 14HowardCompany 29Snow Shoe EMS
Company 15Port MatildaCompany 30-------none-------
Companies listed in blue are dispatched on 800 MHZ Trunked System
Companies listed in red are dispatched on Med 10 (462.975 MHZ)
Companies listed in purple are dispatched on Med 9 (462.950 MHZ)

Centre County Fire/EMS Unit Identification
Unit Number Definition and Minimum Requirements


Chief Officer

01 thru 09

Assistant Chief Officer in Ascending Rank

10 thru 13

Engine - 3 Person, 750 GPM, 500 Gallons Water, 500' of 3" Supply





16 and 17

Truck - 75' Aerial, Ground Ladders, Ventilation, Forcible Entry Tools


Rescue - Hydraulic Rescue Tools, Cribbing, Hand Tools, SCBA

19 and 20

Tanker - 1500 Gallons Water, Dump Valve, Porta-Tank


Squad - 5 Person Support Unit for Fire and Rescue


Utility - Support Unit for Fire and Rescue


QRS - Fire Department Non-Transport EMS Unit


Brush/Tanker - Brush Truck with 500 Gallons of Water

25 and 26

Wildfire equipment with pump and 100 Gallons of Water

27 and 28

Quint - Aerial Master Stream, 1000 GPM, 300 Gallons Water


Haz-Mat - Certified Hazardous Materials Team Vehicle

30 thru 32

Special Use Airport - Crash, Fire/Rescue


Boat - Powered Boat with Fire/Rescue Capability


Command Vehicle


Cascade Air Supply

36 thru 39

Reserved for Special Use Apparatus

40 thru 42

Safety Officers

43 thru 49

Reserved - (These Unit Numbers Have Not Been Assigned)

50 thru 57


58 and 59

Paramedic Intercept Vehicle - Non-Transport Medic Vehicle


EMS Chief Officer

61 and 62

Assistant EMS Officers in Ascending Rank

63 thru 67

EMS Line Officers

68 and 69

Non-Emergency Van Transport

70 thru 84

Fire Police

85 thru 89

Reserved - (These Unit Numbers Have Not Been Assigned)

90 thru 99

Administrative - Non Command Officers
The units are numbered in a format such as XX-YY, where (XX) is the station
number of the company and (YY) is the unit/officer type. Example 11-10
(Pronounced as "Eleven Ten"): this is an Engine from Company 11.

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