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The Buffalo


The Buffalo Fire Appliance Corporation of New York built this engine for Hope Fire Company in 1937. Members of the Hope refer to the engine as “The Buffalo”. This truck is a model 7-R with a serial number of A-1577. The Buffalo is powered by a Hercules RXCM gas motor. The six-cylinder Hercules motor produces 380 ft-lbs. of torque at 1000 RPM and 150 horse power at 2600 RPM. The motor also has a dual point ignition and a Zenith carburetor. The pump is rotary gear and is rated at 750 GPM. Audible warning consists of a Sterling Model 30 siren and a manually activated bell. The Buffalo served Hope Fire Company for many years and was an active supply pumper up until the early 1980’s, when it was officially retired. The Buffalo is now limited to parades, pumping contests, and social events. The pumping contest, along with other contests such as battle of the barrel and the bucket brigade, are becoming rare events in the fire service. Hope Fire Company proudly continues this tradition.


A brief history of the Buffalo Fire Appliance Corporation; founded in 1895 the company was located at 28 Wells Street in Buffalo, New York. The company manufactured fire related products including fire extinguishers. In 1909, the company moved to 152 Ellcott Street and in 1922 the company moved to 44 Central Avenue in Buffalo, New York. In 1928, the Buffalo Fire Appliance Corporation introduced their own line custom fire apparatus chassis. The Buffalo Fire Appliance Corporation manufactured its last apparatus in 1948.