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Fire Facts

Fire kills every 100 minutes in the United States

Room temps in a fire can be 90 degees at floor
level and rise to
600 degrees at
eye level

Heat rises at 90 feet per second or approximately 60 miles per hour

Fire spreads 1100 percent in the first four minutes

The following videos are for personal and educational use only. The following videos shall not be uploaded to any services such as youtube, myspace, or any other web servers, etc., without express written permission of The following videos shall not be edited, offered for sale, or appear on any DVD, CD, or any other media, without express written permission from

Recruitment Video

Join Today! Hope Fire Company Recruitment Video
Do you have what it takes to be one of Philipsburg's Bravest? Honor. Courage. Valor. Brotherhood. Tradition. 100 Percent Volunteer. Don't hesitate, make a difference. Join Hope Fire Company today!
Length 4:52 File Size: 14.4 Meg

Front Street Music Video

Front Street Music Video - The Philipsburg Fire Department would like to thank all responding fire, ems, and support agencies that assisted with the fire on Front Street. The video is a mix of still images and video, set to a classic AC/DC tune.
Length: 5:12 File Size 16.5 Meg
Engine 11 - The Movie

Engine 11 - The Video - A short montage of what it is like to ride on one of Centre County's busiest Engines.

Length: 1:04 File Size 8.8 Meg
Building Fire - Clover Alley

* NEW * Engine 11-10 responds to and is first on scene of a garage fire in Chester Hill. Attack crews assess the situation for an entry point but discover the man door to the building is "hidden". Crews quickly bring this blaze under control.
Length: 6:20 File Size 15.5 Meg
Ryder Ford

A gas tank on a car being serviced on a vehicle lift explodes in a freak accident which sends a mechanic to the hospital with burns and ignites a fire in the maintenance garage of a local Ford dealership. The attack of the fire occurs (off camera to the left) through a garage door.
Length: 10:00 File Size 24.4 Meg
Firefighter Close Call

Firefighter Close Call - An old school building converted into apartments, the bell tower collapses during the search for possible victims. Please share this video with your firefighters and stress the dangers of working at these types of structures.
Length: 9:23 File Size 22.7 Meg
Bradford Township

Mutual aid response to assist Clearfield County Station 16 with a dwelling fire in Bradford Township. The response occurred during a summer storm. The dwelling is well involved upon arrival.  The fire is believed to have been started by a lightning strike.
Length: 6:00 File Size 22.6 Meg
MVA w/Entrapment

Engine 1110 responds to a vehicle accident with confirmed entrapment on the Wallaceton-Bigler Highway near the Boggs/Bradford Township line. Initial assignment was to establish a landing zone, but was changed to assist with extrication at the scene.
Length: 2:46 File Size 10.9 Meg
Front Street - Dash Cam

Six Alarm Building Fire - Front Street - Dash cam video of Engine 11-10 while responding to a building fire with reported possible entrapment. Department Chief on scene reports well involved building and immediately upgrades the box to a second alarm.
Length: 1:25  File Size: 3.0 Meg
Dwelling Fire - Gertrude Street

Response to a working fire in Chester Hill. Clearfield 911 assigns a nonfunctioning fire ground channel which, hampers initial communications. Engine 11-10 arrives on scene with a working fire, hitting the hydrant, and proceeds to the address.
Length 3:12 File Size: 6.7 Meg

Front Street - Side A

Six Alarm Building Fire - Front Street - Truck 12-16 and Quint 12-27 operate on the Front Street side of the building fire. (Side A)

Length: 1:31  File Size: 3.2 Meg
Front Street - Side C

Six Alarm Building Fire - Front Street  - Fire conditions on the Second Street side of the building. (Side C).

Length: 0:55  File Size: 2.0 Meg
Front Street - Side D

Six Alarm Building Fire - Front Street - Clearfield Truck 25 and Centre Truck 5-16 operate on Presqueilse Street side of the building. (Side D)

Length: 1:24  File Size: 3.0 Meg
Fire Box 17D

Mutual aid request to Morris Township, E11-10 was first engine to arrive and dropped LDH from the hydrant up to the driveway. The dwelling was well involved upon arrival Access to the scene was limited.

Length: 8:51 File Size 22.2 Meg
LZ-Philipsburg Area Hospital

Stat Medivac night landing at Philipsburg Area Hospital. Engine 11-10 responds with manpower to assist EMS with lifting.

Length: 3:03 File Size 6.3 Meg
Empire Road

Mutual aid request to Morris Township, Engine 11-10 was first unit to arrive on scene with fire showing from side A. The main attack crew entered a door on Side B adn acsended a stairwell to attack the fire on the second floor. A second team entered the door on Side A.
Length: 5:33 File Size: 11.5 Meg
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