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Fire Facts

Fire kills every 100 minutes in the United States

Room temps in a fire can be 90 degees at floor
level and rise to
600 degrees at
eye level

Heat rises at 90 feet per second or approximately 60 miles per hour

Fire spreads 1100 percent in the first four minutes

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Dwelling Fire

Engine 11-10 and Truck 12-16 arrive on the scene of a working dwelling fire in the first due. Engine crews attack the blaze from Side A and experience heavy fire conditions and are ordered to evacuate. Truck 12-16 sets up for ventilation operations.
Length: 7:17 File Size: 15.1 Meg

Dumpster Fire

Engine 11-10 responds to a dumpster fire in the early morning hours. A handline and and trash hook quickly takes care of the nuisance fire.

Length: 4:18 Size 10.8 Meg

Landing Zone - Heritage Days

Engine 11-10 establishes a landing zone during Heritage Days after EMS requests the patient must be flown immediately.  The video shows the skill of the STAT Medevac pilot, the bird lands with obstacles on all sides of the landing zone.
Length: 3:14 File Size: 6.8 Meg
Dwelling Fire with Entrapment

Engine 11-10 Dash Cam - E1110 is first on scene of a multi-family dwelling fire with entrapment. Evacuated occupants advised a boy was still trapped in a first floor apartment. Both primary and secondary searches revealed everyone was out of the structure.
Length: 4:42 File Size: 9.8 Meg
Dwelling Fire - McCord Road

Dwelling Fire - 246 McCord Road - Engine 11-10 arrives first on scene of a dwelling fire on McCord Road in the Black Moshannon State Forest. E1110 drops LDH at the end of the driveway and proceeds to get to work. Officer of E1110 assumes command of incident.
Length: 2:13  File Size: 4.7 Meg

Vehicle Fire

Engine 11-10 responds mutual aid to a vehicle fire. The Augustus Piercing Nozzle mounted on the front bumper of E1110 is utilized in extinguishing the engine compartment. The response was delayed due to hazardous road conditions.
Length: 6:31 File Size: 13.1 Meg
Building Fire - Pizza Hut

Building Fire - Philipsburg Pizza Hut - Engine 11-10 responds to Pizza Hut for smoke in the building. The establishment reported smoke conditions after the building was struck by lightning. E1110 encounters heavy traffic in a construction zone.
Length: 3:34  File Size: 7.5 Meg

STAT Medevac Landing Zone
STAT Medevac Landing Zone Operations - Engine 11-10 was dispatched to assist EMS for an accident on Irwin Drive. While enroute, E1110 was diverted to the BiLo parking lot in the Peebles Plaza to establish an emergency landing zone.
Length: 1:03  File Size: 9.3 Meg
Church Street - Dwelling Fire

Engine 11-10 Dash Cam - E1110 responds to a mutual aid request to assist Clearfield County Station 17 for a dwelling fire with flames showing.

Length: 5:22 File Size: 11.1 Meg
E1110 Response to AFA

Engine 11-10 AFA Response - E1110 responds to the Philipsburg Area Hospital for an automatic fire alarm. Warning, video contains excessive use of powercall and Q sirens.

Length: 3:01  File Size: 9.5 Meg
Building Fire - Sheas 1

Building Fire - 2569 Tyrone Pike - Engine 11-10 dash cam footage of the side A/B of the building. Incident Command orders all interior crews to vacate the structure. As the interior crews exit, flames erupt from the roof area.
Length: 1:04  File Size: 3.5 Meg

Building Fire - Shea's 2

Building Fire - 2569 Tyrone Pike - Engine 11-10 dash cam footage of the side A/B of the building. With the interior crews out of the building, crews switch to an exterior attack.

Length: 1:36  File Size: 5.1 Meg

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